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Weird Tales wins the Hugo Award!

Wow. We didn’t expect this. But there it is: Weird Tales was awarded its historic first-ever Hugo Award on Sunday night as thousands cheered at the 2009 World Science Fiction Convention in Montreal.

Fiction editor Ann VanderMeer and editorial & creative director Stephen H. Segal (pictured above with WT web consultant Matthew Kressel) were there to accept the award for best semiprozine, the category that honors small-press magazines with part-time staffs. Other Hugo winners that evening included Neil Gaiman (best novel, The Graveyard Book), Elizabeth Bear (best novelette, “Shoggoths in Bloom”), and Joss Whedon (best short-form dramatic presentation, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog).

From all of us at Weird Tales, we offer our deepest thanks to all those who’ve supported and participated in our work to re-energize the magazine as a leading storytelling venue. From the brilliant writers and artists who’ve crafted these pages with us, to the readers who told all their friends how much they love the magazine these days—this is YOUR award, and we’re honored to have been there to say so.

Ann talks at length about the Hugo experience with her husband Jeff VanderMeer at Amazon’s Omnivoracious blog, where you’ll also find a link to a ton of great pictures by the io9 news crew.

  1. Dominik

    Congratulations Ann, Stephen and everyone at Weird Tales, including contributors for wanting to be a part of this terrific magazine and readers for recognizing the talent found therein.

    It’s also wonderful that the decision to remove the best Semiprozine award was rescinded. Hopefully this will be the first of many for Weird Tales.

  2. Phat Man Dee
    Phat Man Dee08-26-2009

    Weird Tales is a stunning work, the writing, the art, the ideas, it is truly a lovely and bizarre creation. I am so proud of you and so incredibly happy for you. I promise to give nothing but Weird Tales subscriptions as holiday presents this year to everyone I know.

    Mazel tov you beautifully odd and prose worthy bearers of pinnacles of achievements! (Yeah, that sentence would not have won any awards, but that is why I read you, not write for you……)


  3. Amelia Thomas
    Amelia Thomas06-13-2010

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