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Hi folks, John Harlacher here – the new publisher of Weird Tales.

So here’s what’s going on:

The first Weird Tales issue by our company, Nth Dimension media, has gone to press, and will be in your mailboxes by the end of February. It’s edited by Ann VanderMeer, has art direction by Stephen H. Segal, and is quite beautiful. Here’s the cover.

Stephen worked with our artist, Dave Buchwald (known in the graphic design world for creating the covers of 2600 Magazine), to create this cover, and we think it represents a style we will use for the near future. It features the new/old logo, an intriguing symbol by Jeff Wong (, and a stunning piece of art by Aurielien Police.  The layout achieved what was most important to me – an emphasis on art, while keeping the writer in the forefront.

Did your subscription lapse? Well, you will not escape this issue. As a thank you to our passionate supporters, we are extending everyone’s subscription for TWO issues. So watch your mailbox, and let me know what you think.

I’d like to say a enormous thank you to Ann, Stephen, Paula and John and Carla from Wildeside for their help during this transition, and for taking this magazine as far as they did. I am very grateful that Ann is staying on as a contributing editor, and Stephen and John have made themselves available as consultants.

Now we must take the next step.

I’ll be responding to comments, so comment away, and check this space for more updates in the next few days.

  1. Eric Myford
    Eric Myford02-23-2012

    Are you open to new submissions yet?

    • John

      Not yet Eric. My plan is to open the portal again in the first week of march.

  2. Eric P.
    Eric P.02-24-2012

    That’s awesome to hear! I plan to submit right away, and thank you for resurrecting this magazine.

  3. Enrico

    Great! Dave is a great choice… I also read 2600.

  4. Paul

    Any idea of how much the guidelines will be changing when you reopen, or what the new direction will fully be for WT? Ann really took on the reins as EiC, to both praise and criticism. What will be changing now with a new EiC?

  5. Fred MANSON
    Fred MANSON02-26-2012

    I would like to know how I can buy this new issue to give a try before to subscribe to it (International subscription – Paypal payment).

  6. John Harlacher
    John Harlacher02-27-2012

    Eric P: We look forward to reading your stuff!

    Enrico: Yes Dave is awesome, and 2600 is an important magazine. Eric/Emmanuel, the publisher, is a friend of mine.

    Paul: I’m working with Marvin Kaye (The new Editor) now to sort the new guidelines out, and the next post will clarify this. Ann did a great job.

    Fred: Click on ‘Weird shop” and you can find single issues there.

  7. Enrico

    John – good! 2600 is one of the most important magazines around the globe. I am actually trying to write a story in which 2600 plays a small but important role (I am Italian… I guess my English edition will need many reviews…….). Tell Emmanuel to keep up with the amazing work. I also found their documentary (“Freedom Downtime”) very important indeed and his radio shows (Off the hook, On the Wall) pretty interesting.
    Can’t wait for the new WT !!!

  8. MRK

    I have a story ready to be submitted also, as soon as the portal is opened.

  9. Donna

    I love the art and the look of the new cover. (Can I admit now that the previous ones were so unpleasant that I had to keep the magazine face down on my desk?)

    I am so glad to see the magazine back!

  10. -> Ray
    -> Ray03-02-2012

    I’m glad to see the classic logo back. I look forward to receiving my subscriber copy (sometime beyond the expected “end of February” target now).

  11. John Harlacher
    John Harlacher03-04-2012

    It was put in the mail earlier this week. I made an error in the order, and didn’t specify putting the magazine in envelopes, which I had to correct. It will be delivered that way, but I delayed it a bit.

    I make my living making strange theatre in NYC and low budget films, so I am on a learning curve! I hope you bear with me, and I swear I will do everything I can to make this magazine as amazing and important as it was in it’s previous prime.

  12. J.P.

    This might be a but premature, but I was wondering what your policies will be on serials.

    Cheers, and great work on the new design. Looks phenomenal

  13. Bob

    You said you were opening submissions in the first week of march.

  14. Nandy Ekle
    Nandy Ekle03-09-2012

    I’m waiting anxiously for submissions to open. I think I have a perfect fit for your magazine.

  15. -> Ray
    -> Ray03-09-2012

    I received my copy in yesterday’s mail.

  16. Bob

    Where are the new submission guidelines? It’s march 9th

  17. Enrico

    Just got my copy! Yaaay! I will let you know what I think about it.

  18. W. H. Pugmire
    W. H. Pugmire03-10-2012

    The new issue is remarkably good, although I’m sad to see Ann leave as editor–she was brilliant. However, Marvin Kaye is one of the genre’s finest editors, I have utterly enjoy’d many of his magnificent anthologies, so that makes me really excited about the future of the magazine. I was overjoy’d to see that ye have re-employ’d the original title logo design, although I’d like to see the title a wee bit larger on ye cover. The interview with Laird Barron was of especial interest. I see that the next issue will have as its theme “Elder Gods”! As a devoted Lovecraft, that thrills me. I cannot now remember how many issues, if any, I have in my subscription, so I am off to renew my subscription pronto!
    yr obt Srvt,
    Wilum Pugmire

  19. Gregory M. Thompson
    Gregory M. Thompson03-11-2012

    Will the new issue be available digitally? (ePub?).

  20. Jenny


  21. Brandon Barrows
    Brandon Barrows03-13-2012

    Where might I be able to purchase a copy of the new issue, if I am no longer a subscriber?

    The store still seems to link to Wildside Press’s digital store and the most current issue is Summer 2011.

  22. donald

    we’re begging you john/marvin, PLEASE open the submission guidelines portal! Please!

  23. Fred MANSON
    Fred MANSON03-13-2012

    Near same words: Where might I be able to purchase a copy of the new issue, if I am no longer a subscriber?” I am not a subscriber to Weird but I want to try it before to subscribe to it.

    Same remark: “The store still seems to link to Wildside Press’s digital store and the most current issue is Summer 2011.’

    So, when the issue #359 will be available to buy as a single issue on this web site? When the new subscriptions will be available? (An International one for me!!)

  24. Griff

    Any updates on opening the submission portal? I’d love to submit!

  25. Curt Phillips
    Curt Phillips03-16-2012

    Dear Mr. Harlacher,

    I’m the Group Moderator of PulpMags; a 385 member discussion group on YaHoo! devoted to pulp magazines. A posting there today that mentioned your latest incarnation of WEIRD TALES led me to post this “pre-review”, which I copy here:

    “It’s starting t o seem as though you can’t kill off WEIRD TALES no matter what you do to it. I’ve not read the Vandermeer era of WT – partly because it “feels” like a “small-press literary magazine” (a form of expression that I generally don’t care for) rather than a popular fiction magazine, but mostly because it never appeared on any newstand that I ever saw, so I never had the opportunity to buy an issue without having to order it by mail. It was easier for me to just ignore it; all the more so since I’d rarely heard of any of the writers in it – which reinforced the impression that the magazine was full of pretencious stories by amateur writers. That impression may be quite unfair. Certainly Ann Vandermeer would think so, but that was the impression that I – a lifelong reader and collector of popular fiction magazines was left with. So I won’t miss that era of WT very much.

    Marvin Kaye, however, is well known as a long-time ardent fan and supporter of The Unique Magazine and we know that he has a solid grounding in all of the factors that made WEIRD TALES great in the first place. He’s edited some of the best anthologies of weird and supernatural fiction from that era of pulp magazines that you’ll ever find, and seeing his name associated with this latest incarnation immediately tells me that at long last WEIRD TALES is back in the hands of someone who recognizes that most people who buy fiction magazines do so simply because they want to read good stories; and someone who is already very familiar with the magazine’s history and who seems inclined to build on that. I look forward to his first issue and will even go to the trouble of ordering it by mail if I have to.

    I encourage all here to give Marvin Kaye’s WEIRD TALES a try. He deserves our support.”

    As soon as it’s available I’ll order a sample issue and will review it in detail on the PulpMags group. If you’d like more information about our group – the largest pulp magazine discussion group on the Internet – just drop me an e-mail at . And if you, Mr. Harbacher, would like to add me to your list for press releases about WEIRD TALES, I’ll be happy to copy all such releases to The PulpMags Group.

    Also, I’m the new Official Editor of FAPA – the Fantasy Amateur Press Association – and if you have a flyer or other printed news release to promote WEIRD TALES, I’d be very happy to distribbute that flyer in our next FAPA mailing. Our 75th Anniv. Mailing # 300 is coming up later this summer. I’d need 40 copies of any such flyer.

    My very best wishes to you, to Marvin Kaye, and for the great success of this newest incarnation of WEIRD TALES.


    Curt Phillips
    PulpMags Group Moderator
    OE, the Fantasy Amatueur Press Association

  26. Bob

    when are you going to open the goddamn fucking submissions you lazy shitheads

  27. Eric P
    Eric P03-18-2012

    Yelling won’t make them hurry. I just was submitted by elsewhere. WT’s loss.

  28. Bob

    could you direct me to this ‘elsewhere’?

  29. Eric P.
    Eric P.03-19-2012

    I don’t think it’s appropriate to link to rival magazines, but Writer’s Market helped a lot.

    I am still hoping WT opens up soon, so I can submit one story I have that would fit in well, but if not, other places do exist.

  30. Adam

    Bob, I find it best when submitting to a mag to actually swear at them even more. Maybe mix it up with some curses from different languages and such to show how erudite you are. Hope this helps.

  31. Marvin Kaye
    Marvin Kaye03-21-2012

    I haven’t yet learned how to do any major commentary on this website because I’ve been concentrating on the next issues of WT and have left the website to the former staff and to John Harlacher.

    But now that I’m reading the above comments I feel I must weigh on for those who are waiting patiently or/and impatiently for some things to happen.

    First, though our company, Nth Dimension Media, Inc., indeed published WT # 359, we thought it best to let the existing staff continue its editorial control for one more issue. Our only actual contributions were cover art, returning the old logo, and of course paying the printers. It won’t be till WT # 360 that I’ll be its editor.

    BUT in the meantime I’ve been reading lots of excellent submissions — some of them in the archives that Ann VanderMeer built up, some of them sent to us at our e-address, In addition, some of you may remember that I was editor for the five issues of Wildside Press’s H. P. Lovecraft Magazine of Horror, and still have many fine stories that were submitted there, and then “orphaned” when the magazine folded. However, when Wildside Press transferred rights in Weird Tales to Nth Dimension, it included H. P. L’s M of H. What this means is that we suddenly have a rather large inventory of fiction to work through.

    Because of this, I have been reluctant to reopen the submission portal, but our publisher John Harlacher has persuaded me that there are some good reasons to do so. As of tonight (March 20, 2012), I agreed that John should reopen the portal ASAP.

    Many thanks for the positive things some of you have had to say about my anthologies; I take great pride in having done so many, and if they are good, it’s because I was fortunate enough to be exposed early to the best editors of fantasy ever: Anthony Boucher, Sam Moskowitz, and (in two memorable books) the late great Boris Karloff!

    Eerily yours,

    Marvin Kaye

  32. Marvin Kaye
    Marvin Kaye03-21-2012

    PS: Regarding fictional guidelines, I’ve always been reluctant to post such for fear that they may discourage some author with a story that might not fit, but that I’d make an exception for.

    Guidelines will be forthcoming, but meanwhile do feel free to query me at

    Marvin Kaye

  33. MRK

    Thanks for this momentous update, I appreciate you taking the time to let us know what’s going on. I do look forward to seeing what the new version of Weird Tales has to offer. I think I speak for most if not all of the would-be writers here who are very happy to hear that the portal will re-open soon. Many of us had submissions returned to us unread when the ownership change was announced and, knowing or at least hoping the portal would re-open at some future date, we have been chomping at the bit ever since.
    thanks again for the news.

  34. Marvin Kaye
    Marvin Kaye03-24-2012

    Please note that the new publisher of Weird Tales is Nth Dimension Media, Inc., named after my column at Space and Time Magazine. Wildside Press is still credited as the publisher, and they are certainly still involved with us, but there are things that are overdue to be done on this website, and John Harlacher and I are working to get them done .. we’re sorry they haven’t happened sooner, but please be patient a little longer. (For one thing, the website still shows WT # 358 as our current issue, but by now # 359 has been mailed to subscribers.)

    I’m especially concerned about the submissions portal. I have been receiving several e-mails stating that the writers understand we are accepting as of Now .. at least one correspondent claims he heard this via SFWA. I don’t know if that is a fact or merely a rumor, but please note that it is NOT TRUE.

    When the submissions portal reopens — hopefully in a matter of a very few days — it will be asking for flash fiction and stories related to upcoming issue themes. Other stories will not be considered for some time because we inherited/acquired a large inventory of excellent fiction to work through.

    And please, those of you who would like to send a query, if not a whole file, that’s OK at any time, but it should not be sent to my address at yahoo. That address,, is only for submissions to Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine, which is published by Wildside Press.

    All correspondence to Weird Tales should be sent to

    Eerily yours,

    Marvin Kaye
    Editor (as of # 360), Weird Tales

  35. Douglas F. Warrick
    Douglas F. Warrick03-24-2012

    Hey there Marvin and John,

    Any news for those of us whose stories were accepted by Ann before the editorial changeover? I sold a story RIGHT BEFORE the shift. Will it see publication in the new version of Weird Tales? If so, can you provide any sort of rough timeline for publication of previously purchased stories? I’m sure I’m not the only one in this boat.

  36. Bob

    I knew you fuckers would fuck Weird Tales up. Fuck you, Marvin Kaye, this magazine is supposed to be for the random and unclassified, so I’m going to take my pristine fiction elsewhere, since you “Won’t be considering other stories”, you know, ones that aren’t part of a topic that YOU prefer. So fuck you Marvin, and fuck you John Harlacher, you scum-sucking, dominant and control-freak pieces of fucking cow shit.

  37. ann

    A few things:

    First – Bob from comment #38 – chill out. You will not win points with any editor/magazine/anthology with such rudeness and disrespect. If you want to be treated like a professional writer, then act like one.

    Second – When I left as Weird Tales Editor-in-Chief, I passed over to Marvin and John about 7 stories that I had bought but not yet published. These contracts will be honored by Marv and John and these stories will be published in upcoming issues of the new WT. Dates and issues to be determined. Readers – these stories are awesome beyond belief – just wait and see!

    Third – As of last August when I closed the submission portal, any and all submissions that had not yet been rejected or accepted by me are no longer under consideration. The stories that Marv is speaking about in the comments above are not the ones that were submitted to me.

    Once Marv is ready to read unsolicited submissions, you are free to submit directly to him. AGAIN: none of the stories that were submitted to me are under consideration by Marv at this time. You will have to re-submit to him at a later date.

    OK – now go and write (and play nice, please).

  38. Adam Walker
    Adam Walker03-25-2012

    I think Marvin has already been accepting unsolicited submissions, no? I keep seeing authors reporting on facebook / twitter that they’ve sold stories to WT, already, some repeatedly. The latest was just this morning: “Six day sale to Marvin Kaye at Weird Tales. I’m told it will be appearing in a special fairy tale issue. Woot!” So it sounds like you can email submissions directly to Marvin, and that’s been the case for some months, now.

  39. Adam Walker
    Adam Walker03-25-2012

    “I have been receiving several e-mails stating that the writers understand we are accepting as of now . . . it is NOT TRUE”

    But I know of about more than few authors who have indicated that you are accepted stories, and one just a few hours ago. Can you clarify the situation? It sounds, definitely to me, like the market is open, and that it’s just a question of emailing the story to you.

  40. John

    Hey folks, the submissions page has been updated, and we are now ready to read your stuff.

    To Adam Walker: Marv has been privately querying and reading, but was not ready to formally open up the market to unsolicited subs.

    Now is the time!

  41. Bob

    Marvin, I’d like to personally apologize. I can see that you have not only remained utterly true to the spirit of WT, but you’ve enthusiastically created an interesting and varying monthly theme for half of each issue. I never imagined you’d do such a good thing for the magazine while all the time leading up to it gave me the impression that that wasn’t the case. thanks.


  42. John

    We had decided to ruin the magazine, Bob, but you spoke so eloquently that you changed our minds.

  43. Eric P.
    Eric P.03-26-2012

    John, I award you 100 internets for the day.

  44. Adam

    Man, you guys are in trouble, Bob is going to take his pristine My Little Pony fanfiction to Usenet.

  45. Judge Fred MANSON
    Judge Fred MANSON03-29-2012

    Hello there!!
    I have received MY very first issue of Weird Tales, the new edition (#359), and all I can say is… FANTASTIC!!!!!! I was sceptic when I have seen the thin magazine, but the use of newspaper instead of classical paper for this magazine brings to it a certain “retro charm”!! I was wondering how much ads there were inside and I am really happy to see that I can say: a few ones!!
    Despite its International subscription price very expensive against the US subscription price (could you explain why there is a 100% more??), i think that I will sign for a full year. I also hope that this great mag will become a bi-monthly one. To wait a quarter for an issue is a pure torture!! :)
    You have gain a new reader!!!
    Judge Fred MANSON

  46. Adam Walker
    Adam Walker03-30-2012

    @ Fred: WT has nearly always been printed on newsprint. (I think there was one issue done on glossy but that was years ago.) Though this seems even thinner than some of the older issues, which would be my biggest complaint. Saving a few pennies probably isn’t worth it, and it would be better to go with a standard newsprint weight than this tissue-paper. In a day and age where even SPACE & TIME can print on a good stock, I can’t see why WT can’t, too.

  47. Carcosa

    I’ve been waiting for this since the announcement was made regarding Mr Kaye’s editorial duties. I left the magazine for the very reasons posted earlier on; it became a pretentious literary outlet and was NOT in the spirit of WT of old, so I quit buying it. Abandonment of the old logo severed all ties with that history for me.

    Glad to see it back, and hope to see the WT spirit back in those pages again….

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