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Temporarily closed for submissions

We are closed for fiction submissions for the time being, but will open up again in mid April.

  1. Andrew I.
    Andrew I.04-01-2012

    Does this mean that issues 360 and 361 have been filled? Should I make continuing edits to a fairytale story for issue 361 or should I shelve it for another day?

  2. Rand

    Hopefully a good thing! Looking forward to a response in my inbox *tentacle cross*

  3. billy

    any day now for new subs?

  4. Jennifer

    Soon I hope?

  5. Logan

    I hope submissions open again soon! I’m anxious to put something in for 360! Well, and 361…

  6. Jasen

    Have the themes for 362 and 363 been released yet?

  7. Rand

    In other news, a new online publication Dimensional Fallacy is accepting all kinds of things for the first issue. Art, music, writing,videos,flash animations and so forth! head to to check it out if you have the craving to do so!

  8. Alfred

    April’s almost over, so any time, right?

  9. Adam Walker
    Adam Walker04-27-2012

    My bet is that Marvin has already filled a number of future issues. From what I’ve seen online he’s bought up a lot of fiction. So there’s no reason to open the submission system any time soon.

  10. Michael W
    Michael W04-27-2012

    I agree with Adam. There have been quite a few acceptances reported lately. I’ve been saving a story I wrote with WT firmly in mind, but I’m going to send it off to a pro-paying market. Still a big fan of Weird Tales, though.

  11. MRK

    where do you see the reports of these acceptances by Martin?

  12. MRK

    sorry, Marvin*

  13. Michael W
    Michael W04-27-2012

    Duotrope, primarily.

  14. Bruce Devonshire
    Bruce Devonshire04-28-2012

    I realize you’re colsed for submissions. However, I’m a bit confused abut formatting for submissions. Do you take snail mail submissions or just online submissions? (Typing in italics would indicate using Mirosoft Word).

  15. Adam Walker
    Adam Walker04-29-2012

    One place I saw a ton of acceptances announced on the The Swords & Sorcery League, in which a number of people indicated acceptances. (Especially for really long pieces, up to 20,000 words.) I can tell you that unless WT’s page count doubles, 20,000 words is pretty much the entire issue. And if he’s acquired a number of those pieces? Well. I’ve also seen acceptances announced on people’s blogs. Throw in all the inventory that would have come from Ann, and you’re looking at least two year’s worth, maybe a lot more. As there’s only four issues a year, you can see the problem. And then there’s the material from the special issue of WT from last year’s WFC. And all the material from HPL’s that he intends on reprinting, that I saw mentioned in an interview. So, there’s every reason that even if the submission system gets reopened that very few stories will get picked up, or else it’ll be a long time before they get published. I’m holding onto my stories and sending them elsewhere, where at least they can be published faster.

  16. A Fan?
    A Fan?05-01-2012

    You know, it’s not about whether a story I write does or does not get published, it’s about running this thing profesionally. As much as I’ve liked Weird Tales, this is bad form. If you’re going to reopen, fine, if not, TELL US. A professional magazine would have just said something like “sorry, we are closing submissions now until X date because X”, leaving it open like this and not saying anything just makes me not want to even purchase the thing anymore. So why don’t you give us all a proper update?

  17. Rand Burgess
    Rand Burgess05-01-2012

    I agree, in the day of internet things should be related more often and corrected if need be. I try to run my newish online journal and website in a way that avoids needless opportunities for such fallacy…hah get it? Anyhow, I wish the best for Weird Tales, but by no means is it a viable market for myself as a writer for there is just too much neo-weirdism. If your looking to help boost areas that contain such various works perhaps I’ll see you over at Dimensional Fallacy? (link in my name). I feel this shared burn. but try to make good use of it.

  18. Adam Walker
    Adam Walker05-03-2012

    It’s now May.

  19. MRK

    at this point I’d be happy just to hear when the next issue(s) will come out.

  20. A Fan?
    A Fan?05-07-2012

    Will they even do that? Who knows. At least The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction keeps it real. Seriously, having run sites and programmed some myself I know how flippen easy it is to just post a simple status update of something like “sorry, we have submissions filled now until June, thanks everyone!” Instead, we get pure silence. Even sadder because this appears to be running now on blog site programming, which is so pathetic a child could make it look better. You know what, I’ll remain silent too, think I’m done reading this. Great editor selection. Not.

  21. CT

    I’m sure they have their reasons and will re-open as soon as it’s viable to do so :)

  22. Adam Walker
    Adam Walker05-07-2012

    No one is arguing that that they have their reasons, but it’s the lack of communication and missed dates which is more worrisome.

  23. billy

    @21 quite right, lets have a little optimism here! besides, the delay has meant re reading my story about a dozen times over – amending stuff/making things better. I wouldn’t have done that if it had been submitted mid maybe it’s a good thing..

    an interesting link, GDT bemoans Prometheus ‘stealing’ ATMOM premise

    although didnt AvP do that already?..anyway if Prometheus is a huge (R rated) hit that could actually be positive for ATMOM…

    cool ATMOM fan trailer

  24. This ^
    This ^05-08-2012

    Lack of communication = bad staff, plain and simple. I don’t care what their reasons are, making them public is part of a business, unless you’re going in the red. No smiley face from me, this is bull, I’m done with this.

  25. Mark Sappenfield
    Mark Sappenfield05-09-2012

    What staff? There hasn’t been an update since March 31st. Is “Weird Tales” dead?

  26. Probably

    If they don’t get their act together then yeah, it’s totally dead. This is ridiculous. As someone said above, it’s very easy to update a site like this. Get a new editor.

  27. Rand

    RIP? I really don’t know, but there seems little concern on the other end, which is never a good thing. I’m thinking we would all make better editors and staff at this point!

    I keep my website/magazine/medium updated as frequent as humanly possibly, or otherwise ;)

  28. Michae

    It’s just funny that this entire debacle could have been prevented, and WT could have saved face, by ending the original post with the word “soon” instead of “in mid-April.”

    I’m all for calling unresponsive markets out, but I’m more concerned about the tarnishing of the great Weird Tales name. It’s a time-honored, venerable magazine, and I fear it’s slipping under its new ownership. A lack of respect toward the authors that help fuel it is indicative of deeper problems.

    But then again, it’s Weird Tales, and people will submit to them even the editors break into their homes and poison their puppies and kittens.

  29. Wut?

    Wait, this site STILL hasn’t been updated?!!! What a joke! I don’t write, but I doubt I’d submit to them just because their Weird Tales.

  30. B-rian

    BAHH! I don’t have anything to say. I just wanted to be the 30th comment. To ignore your faithful submitters and subscribers is insulting. All they needed to say was “I’m out returning videotapes* and I’ll accept submissions when I get back….”
    I can’t wait until the editor comes back to 50 negative comments.
    -Disgruntled writer
    *see American Psycho for cryptic reference.

  31. Hahaha

    good one up there. hey guys, maybe it was as typo, it’s mid-May now! perhaps we’ll hear something! but likely not.

  32. Mark Sappenfield
    Mark Sappenfield05-12-2012

    Marvin Kaye, where are you?

  33. screw this
    screw this05-13-2012

    Still no update? Hella lame.

  34. Mark Sappenfield
    Mark Sappenfield05-16-2012

    Where oh where are you, Marvin Kaye?

  35. Jennifer

    This is fucking bogus

  36. Rand Burgess
    Rand Burgess05-18-2012

    …Burning down the house…
    *dances off the page into digital abyss*

  37. Wintermute

    Where’s Neuromancer when you need him so he can tear down this page?

  38. Michae

    Guys, it’s looking like you should all submit your stories elsewhere. The only way to teach WT better business practices is by not submitting to them.

    They already apparently went back on their promise to begin paying 5 cents a word and are paying only 3 cents.

  39. Aelfwin

    I’m hoping (probably in vain) that the delay is because the new ownership are taking Weird Tales back to its traditional “digest” format. I really hate the saddle-stitched magazine format.

  40. Adam Walker
    Adam Walker05-22-2012

    @ Michae where did you see that the pay rate changed? If it’s true, that’s not very promising :(

  41. Michae

    Here’s the announcement of the increase to 5 c/word:

    I used the word “apparently” when I wrote about the pay only being 3 c/word now. This is based on two people I know who had stories accepted by WT in the past couple of months (during the last submission period). According to them, they were told 3 cents.

    Granted, WT has been through changes since the announcement referenced above.

    And Duotrope has WT listed recently as “unknown payment.”

    I really hope this magazine bounces back and thrives. It would be a sad loss to the world of fiction, and signs aren’t very positive so far.

  42. Adam Walker
    Adam Walker05-22-2012

    There’s always NIGHTMARE, edited by John Joseph Adams, I think, if it gets financed, later this year.

  43. JC Hemphill
    JC Hemphill05-24-2012

    I submitted during that tiny window last month and didn’t receive a reply either way. Wonder what that means…

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