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Closing to fiction submissions TUESDAY JUNE 5TH

Heads up that at noon eastern time on Tuesday June 5th we will be closing for fiction submissions. We will still be looking at art and nonfiction proposals.

  1. Tony

    Is this closing to submissions permanent or a temporary thing?

  2. MRK

    I’m glad to see so much activity on the website again.

  3. Stephen

    Glad I got my story in early.

  4. John Harlacher
    John Harlacher06-01-2012

    Certainly not permanent, but we won’t be open for a few months.

  5. Paul

    Hey, John,

    Is the WeirdPortal address sending out auto-response notices when someone submits? Duotrope is listing that submissions are acknowledged “within 1 day”, but, so far, I haven’t received anything.

  6. John Harlacher
    John Harlacher06-02-2012

    No, but we should do that.

    I don’t know where Duotrope got that timeframe from. We will get to you.

  7. Paul


    No hurry (especially if a rejection is coming–ha!), since I only subbed a week ago, but it was something I caught and thought I should bring it to your attention.

  8. John Harlacher
    John Harlacher06-02-2012

    Good catch! Thanks.

  9. Scribe

    What is your word limit for flash fiction?

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