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Solomon Kane Movie Finally Coming to US

Solomon Kane is finally getting a US release.

The movie, based on Robert E. Howard’s short stories (first published in Weird Tales), hit international theaters back in 2009, but for some reason was never released in the States. It stars James Purefoy as the wandering 16th century hero who owes his soul to the devil. The late Pete Postlethwaite, Max von Sydow and Rachel Hurd-Wood co-star. It’s gotten favorable reviews, scoring an impressive 83% at Rotten Tomatoes, so it’s even more of a mystery why it took so long to arrive on our shores.

Solomon Kane will hit video on demand on August 24 and theaters September 28.

The latest trailer was released at this year’s Comic Con.

  1. Alvin Helms
    Alvin Helms07-20-2012

    The most likely reason that Solomon Kane was never released in the United States until now is that it’s really not very good. I am a staunch fan of Robert E. Howard, and I was so excited to see Solomon Kane that I did not wait — I bought a copy on DVD from the UK back in 2010. It was not entirely awful, and there were a few things I even liked about it (James Purefoy did a fair job in the role, for example); but I was mostly disappointed with everything else, and particularly with the ending. I won’t drop any spoilers, but I thought the whole thing was ridiculous — and worse, it was just totally out-of-place in a Solomon Kane story. Overall: Did you see the utterly horrible Conan movie last year? Well, imagine something with only marginally better acting than that, and a script that is *nearly* (but not quite) as unfaithful to the source material, but with only a tenth of the budget, and filmed in some depressing little Eastern European country (the Czech Republic, as I recall) instead of on Hollywood sets. My advice: Rent it, Netflix it, watch it at a friend’s house, or see it in some other way BEFORE shelling out for the DVD. You probably won’t want that DVD after you’ve seen it. I know I don’t.

  2. Hoover Shoates
    Hoover Shoates07-30-2012

    I disagree. I’m English and so got to see the film when it was released and was very pleasantly surprised. On the whole the acting is very good, certainly for this genre. James Purefoy is grimly charismatic in the lead and Max Von Sydow and Pete Postlewaite provide significant support. It being filmed in ‘some depressing little Eastern European country’ is quite apt really as the film is set in England – which if anything is much more depressing. The story was fine although I admit I can’t comment on how faithful it is. It is a lot better than the recent Conan, although that isn’t saying too much. Well worth watching I would have said.

  3. Dazza

    I will also agree, a brilliant film, well worth watching, you won’t be disappointed. James Purefoy is great, and the other actors are just superb. There’s a reason it has gotten such good reviews on Rotten Toms.

  4. Amy R.
    Amy R.10-12-2012

    I have to say I watched the movie on demand from amazon and was pleasantly surprised, the acting was really well done…I know a lot of people bitched about the girl, some even saying she wasn’t ‘much of a love interest’ which I found absurd because she wasn’t intended to be a love interest. And while no, the actress who played the damsel in distress wasn’t going to win any oscars she wasn’t in the movie enough to detract from the whole viewing experience.
    Purefoy did a wonderful job, the subtlety he breathed into the character was refreshing, and the fight seens were a breath of fresh air, I am so sick and tired of fancy ballet like fight choreography that is so prevelant in movies now. The fights were brutal, the sword work was quick and absolutely lovely….
    I would say go see it. If it comes out in a theatre near me I definately will. Well I’ll see it again.

  5. cornelius ferguson
    cornelius ferguson11-29-2012

    I am a big fan of adventure films and would like to purchace a couple of copies of Solomon Kane on dvd. I need them on a region 1 format; where can I buy them, either online or a regular store? A little help please. Thank you.

  6. Red

    seriously good movie till the final battle its a huge jock n roll, bigger than should be crap fight

  7. Wizard Clip
    Wizard Clip03-23-2013

    I think the most likely reason it was not initially released in the US has little to do with the film’s quality (I haven’t seen it, so I can’t comment). Honestly, look at all the big budget crap that gets released here. Which leads me to the real point. I think American distibutors were scared off by Kane’s garb, specifically its resemblance to that worn in the big-budget trash pile mega flop “Van Helsing” (Ironic, since Van Helsing’s outfit was almost certainly inspired by Kane). This is not, of course, logical, but it’s the same sort of thinking that helped doom “John Carter,” when the studio refused to put any reference to Mars in the title because a couple of recent films (Ghosts of Mars; Mars needs Moms) flopped.

  8. Patrick McEvoy
    Patrick McEvoy08-21-2013

    I can’t disagree more with the first poster. I was happily surprised to find this one on Netflix and thoroughly enjoyed it for what it was: a low-budget action movie based on Solomon Kane; not completely faithful to the source but with most elements intact. I thought the action was all very well choreographed, the acting was very good overall (Purefoy was a standout), the look was great overall, and the sparingly-used CG was FAR better than one has the right to expect in a movie of this scale.

    Definitely worth a look and far FAR better than any Conan movie I’ve seen (yes, including the first one with Arnold – if you want a movie that totally screws with a character, try a Conan movie where he’s raised as a slave… yeah, right).

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