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Call of Cthulhu: The Musical

“Call of Cthulhu – The Musical” is a melding of Lovecraft and Broadway by Brian Hendrickson. The story chronicles Randolph Carter’s song-filled journey into death and madness against the backdrop of Lovecraft’s darkest imaginings. Don’t miss the new episodes of “Call of Cthulhu – The Musical” every other Monday!

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Brian Hendrickson was a feral child who once roamed the Indiana woodlands. He picked up his one civilized vocation, drawing, at a very young age and successfully resisted all attempts to interest him in other activities such as sports or polite conversation. He was begrudgingly sent to art school and thereafter to arts-related jobs. He has worked as an illustrator for The Indianapolis Star, a courtroom artist for WISH TV, an animator for the video game industry, a writer and cartoonist for Fishheads Magazine, and in various roles in web applications development. Brian, his wife, and daughter make their home in the Pacific Northwest with an unreasonable number of cats and dogs. Check him out online:,

  1. Zon

    Hey, I really love the vector art. Are you using Flash or Illustrator? I found this comic from reading another web comic on I also started following your G+ for comic updates. Also, am I suppose to imagine the characters singing the dialog?

  2. Brian Hendrickson
    Brian Hendrickson05-09-2013

    Hi Zon!

    I’m using Illustrator CS3, which, I believe, is the same version the Pharohs used to design their hieroglyphics. Really need to update one of these days. Also, the “singing” portions are (hopefully) pretty obvious when they come up. For your information, Dr. West sounds like Vincent Price and Wilbur Whately sounds like Taylor Swift.

  3. Steve Johnson
    Steve Johnson09-03-2013

    Hi. I started reading The Call of Cthulhu the Musical this week, and have been rationing the episodes–they are so enjoyable, I really do not want to read them all in one sitting or even over the course of a day or three. You have created one of the most amusing and well done takes on Lovecraftian themes I have encountered over the past forty-some years. Thank you!

    • Brian Hendrickson
      Brian Hendrickson10-10-2013

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks so much for the kind comments! I wish I could put these episodes out faster, since there are many things in the narrative that I’m eager to get to. I hope you’ll keep coming back to check out the new installments.

  4. Cindy Lewis
    Cindy Lewis12-23-2013

    Oh, this is juicy! I’ll be coming back here on a regular basis. I can’t believe I just found this. Most impressive. :)

  5. Daniel Klassen
    Daniel Klassen02-01-2014

    Wonderful stuff, sir. I couldn’t help but read them all in one sitting, and was so sad and glad that it was to be continued. I laughed my guts out, and now I fell a bit hollow, I need some more.

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