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Weird Tales Issue #360

Weird Tales #360 Cover

Weird Tales Issue #360 went to the printer today. Here’s the front cover. We have stories by Brian Lumley, Michael Shea, Jill Bauman and Jessica Amanda Salmonson, plus a special section in honor of Ray Bradbury. (Check out the back cover here.)

Weird Tales #360 Cover

Cover image by Danielle Tunstall. Visit her at and like her on Facebook here

  1. Sarah

    Hooray! Are those the only four stories in this issue?

  2. Linda Shea
    Linda Shea10-11-2012

    I love black and white art! The cover is great. Are you guys going to be subscription only or will we be able to purchase WT on the stands?

  3. Chris Friend
    Chris Friend10-30-2012

    Would like to submit some artwork to you, but I would need your snail mail.
    Chris Friend
    2801 Emerson Avenue #4
    Parkersburg. West Virginia 26104.

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