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Weird Tales #361: Table of Contents & Cover Art

Weird Tales #361 Cover

Table of Contents for Weird Tales #361: The Fairy Tales Issue


  • “The Queen Who Could Not Walk” by Peter S. Beagle
  • “Magpied” by Tanith Lee
  • “Fae for a Day” by Teel James Glenn
  • “I Am Moonflower” by Nicole Cushing
  • “Blind Alley” by Morgan Llywelyn
  • “Suri & Sirin” by Court Merrigan
  • “The Flowers of Tir-na-nog” by J. R. Restrick
  • “The Miracles of LaGuardia Airport (Delta Terminal)” by Caitlin Campbell
  • “A Gnomish Gift” by Alex Shvartsman
  • “Enough” by Jane Yolen
  • “Gold” by Lauren Liebowitz
  • “The Brown Man of Glen Gardens” by Frank Aversa
  • “The King’s Enemies” by Marc Bilgrey
  • “The Crimson Cloak” by Zach Shephard
  • “The Lute Player and the Mask” by Dick Baldwin
  • “Payment” by Alfred Vickers III
  • “Out of Time” by Manny Frishberg


  • With Ramsey Campbell, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Elizabeth Bear, and Orrin Grey


  • “As Fleas” by Jon Koons
  • “Black Poppy” by David W. Amendola


  • Scotland in October (Glencoe) by Carole Buggé
  • Dangerous Dreams by Jill Bauman
  • Merciless by Andrew J. Wilson
  • Waste by Arinn Dembo


  • Ninety Years of Weird Tales by Darrell Schweitzer


  • With Tessa Farmer (on her fascinating and strange fairy world) by C. J. Thom
  • With J. David Spurlock (on Margaret Brundage, and his book about her) by Lynne Jamneck

Covers and interior art by Jeff Wong

You can buy the ebook here.

  1. Beatrice Sheffield
    Beatrice Sheffield07-08-2013

    It looks like an impressive lineup! I wish it was in my hands right now. . .

  2. Enrico Accenti
    Enrico Accenti07-09-2013

    Mmm it looks quite interesting. Release date ?

  3. Dick Baldwin
    Dick Baldwin07-10-2013

    This issue looks sensational! I am really looking forward to “Scotland in October” among other tempting morsels listed in the TOC. Hope all your Facebook and Twitter followers are helping to get the word out that WT is back with a passion … I have a feeling this issue is going to get a lot of good attention.

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