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Obligatory Evil Clown Post



                                                      John Wayne Gacy aka. “Pogo the Clown”

     In our world it’s a given that we all love a good story and especially a story that’s supposed to be true. And what’s even better is a scary story that’s supposed to be true. And what’s best of all is a scary true story with a monster in it. That probably goes a long way in explaining our fascination with such entities as Sasquatch, lake monsters, Grays, Chupacabra, Joan Crawford and the Mothman. These characters are great for camp fire stories and keeping small children in line.

      All things considered though, as scary as these folks might be, not one of them matches the sheer mind numbing, gut freezing, bowel loosening and scrotum shrinking horror of what I consider the non plus ultra of all real monsters.



    Art by Dee Molino

Probably the scariest thing imaginable is to wake up in the middle of the night and find Pennywise the clown bending over you and smiling as he pulls back your covers.

     Now let just that sink in for a moment and you will realize that Mothman doesn’t have squat on evil clowns. What clowns in general so frightening? Is it because they are disguised? Or is it because their behavior is outside of the social norm?  Maybe Jung was correct and there really are Archetypes with clowns being personifications of the chaos that surrounds the world, threating to burst through at any minute. I don’t know, but what I do know is that clowns are just plain creepy as hell.

 One thing we do know about Evil Clowns is that they do exist in this world. John Wayne Gacy, one of the most notorious serial killers in American history is probably the best example of the archetypical evil clown. There’s supposedly a clown rule stating that the corners of the mouth have to be rounded off so as not to give a threatening appearance. Gacy broke this rule. Whether it was intentional or not, the photo of him in makeup shows us a monster that’s been made flesh. The images of Gacy the clown in combination with the knowledge of his misdeeds (to put it mildly) creates a creature so horrifying that it’s hard to accept the reality of such a being sharing this planet with us. Even though the concept of evil clowns predates John Wayne Gacy, he managed to bring to the surface a fear that is so overpowering that’s it’s been imprinted on the mass consciousness ever since. The very fact that he existed, and the fear that there might be others like him, gave such fictional characters as Stephen King’s Pennywise, Rob Zombie’s Capt. Spalding and Christopher Nolan’s Joker a dimension of possibility that they never would have obtained on their own without the context of reality provided by Gacey.

    But regardless of why, the image/concept of the Evil Clown is one so full of power that it has captivated our imaginations and embodies our deepest fears. So it is no wonder that he has impinged into real world.

Stephen King’s “IT” ABC Television

Or at least, that’s what some people seem to believe.

     Since the first reports out of Boston in 1981 of mystery clowns harassing children and trying to lure them into vans the Evil Clown has taken a place in the annals of urban folklore along side the Big Foot, UFOs and other unexplained phenomena. Such reports pop up from

year to year causing panic among parents and schools. Regardless of whether this is mass hysteria, urban legend, or simply actual cases of attempted child molestation being carried out by individuals or groups unknown, the acceptance of these stories shows how willing we are to believe in even their existence.  Luckily for the children supposedly involved and also conveniently for the story teller/hoaxers it’s seems that these attempted kidnappings have never been successful.  This also means that there is hardly any serious follow up. So it’s this singular lack of successful physical harm that seems to place the whole concept into the realm of hysteria, folk lore, hoax or a few isolated cases of attempted child abuse blown out of all proportion.  And since John Wayne Gacy actually was an Evil Clown, it is completely with in the realm of believability to most people that others of his sort exist out there somewhere.

So thanks to the potent cocktail of credibility and nightmare the concept/image/archetype of the Evil Clown, either as modern boogey man, urban legend, genuine threat or entertainment trope, is still with us and most likely won’t be going away anytime soon. This just goes to show how weird of a place the world is and even the simplest thing can become the stuff that nightmares are made of.





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