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Guillermo Del Toro’s Tree House of Horror XXIV couch gag is joyful jaw dropping WEIRDness³!


Halloween has done come early this year! Thanks to Mr. Guillermo Del Toro, genre film genius and Weird Tales fan, who is the man behind this year’s Simpsons’ Tree House of Horror (XXIV) couch gag!  And while running at just two and three quarter minutes, it still manages to be one of the most beautifully mind blowing experiences in ages for those who love their WEIRD.

Mr. Del Toro, in a measly 165 seconds, gives us no less than 53 non-Simpsons weird film and book references. These references come at you so fast and furiously that I had to watch it 2 times while constantly hitting the pause button to be able to catch them all. Or at least I think that I caught them all.

Since we are Weird Tales Magazine, I immediately noticed the connections to Weird Tales.  And what I found were several direct and not so direct connections to our magazine.

The obvious connections were nods to Lovecraft, Cthulhu, Ray Bradbury and Richard Matheson. Some of the not so obvious ones were references to the Blob, for example. The Blob was heavily influenced by Joseph Payne Brennan’s Slime and Anthony Rud’s Ooze, both of which premiered between the covers of Weird Tales magazine. Or there were even two Alfred Hitchcock references in the clip. And all WTs fans know that Mr. Hitchcock owes his greatest success to Robert Bloch, who was one of Weird Tales’ most successful authors. Or could Gill Man maybe be one of the denizens of that decayed New England coastal town of Innsmouth?

But regardless of how tenuous the some of the Weird Tales connections might be, this short clip is a wonderful gift to every genuine fan of the weird and the fantastic.

This tiny clip shows us  just how much Mr. Del Toro has contributed to the genre and how dearly he loves it.

It is a true love letter to the genre from a man who has dedicated his life to it.

Thank you, Mr. Del Toro, and Happy Halloween!

Or should I say Feliz Dia de los Muertos!




Here are the non-Simpsons film and book references that I found with times included.

1: Zombie Apocalypse   0:08

2: Pacific Rim   0:12

3: The 7th voyage of Sinbad   0:23

4: The Birds/Hitchcock   0:29

5: The Shining   0:36

6: Stephen King   0:40

7: Hell Boy    0:45

8: Blade II   0:53

9: Pan’s Labyrinth   1:08

10: Cronos    1:18

11: Mimic   1:23

12: Phantom of the opera (4 versions)   1:28

13:  Phantom of the Paradise    1:31

14: Cthulhu   1:38

15: H. P. Lovecraft   1:42

16: Edgar Allan Poe   1:42

17: Ray Bradbury   1:42

18: The Illustrated Man   1:44

19: Richard Matheson   1:44

20:  The Omega Man/Anthony Zerba    1:44

21: Frankenstein   1:52

22: Dracula   1:52

23: The Wolfman   1:52

24: The Creature from the Black Lagoon   1:52

25: The Mutant from “This Island Earth”   1:52

26: The Bride of Frankenstein   1:54

27: The Invisible Man   1:54

28: The Car   1:58

29: In the Mouth of Madness   2:00

30: The Host   2:03

31: Rod Serling   2:04

32: The Lost in Space Robot   2:04

33: The Mole People   2:04

34: Rhodan   2:04

35: The Blob   2:04

36: Jason and the Argonauts   2:04

37: London after Midnight   2:04

38: 20 million Miles to Earth   2:04

39: The Thing from another World   2:05

40: Invasion of the Saucer Men   2:05

41: Alfred Hitchcock Presents   2:05

42: The Time Machine   2:05

43: Nosferatu   2:05

44: First Men in the Moon   2:05

45: Robot Monster   2:05

46: The Fly   2:06

47: Tod Browning’s Freaks    2:06

48: The Day the Earth Stood Still   2:06

49: Alien   2:04

50: Rondo Hatton   2:07

51. The Mummy   2:07

52: Man with the X-ray Eyes    2:19

53: Alice in Wonderland   2:22


Drop us a line if I managed to miss something!





  1. isabella

    I’m afraid that you forgot Pepper (the “pin head”) from American Horror Story: Asylum, at 2:06-2:07

    • Doug Draa
      Doug Draa03-14-2014

      Thanks Isabella!!

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