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WEIRD TALES Submission Guidelines

We closed to fiction and poetry submissions February 26th of 2014 at 6PM Eastern time, and plan to open again in the Fall of 2014. We will announce new themes at that time.



We pay three cents a word for unsolicited submissions published in Weird Tales Magazine.
We pay a $10 flat fee for under 500 word pieces of flash fiction published on this website.
Each  issue of Weird Tales has a theme. If your story relates to these themes, your response time will be sped up.
We also publish work that has nothing to do with the themes, so feel free to send what you have. Know that there will be a longer publication and response time for unthemed content.


We are seeking art for all upcoming issues. We want individual pieces, and to partner with artists on an ongoing basis. Links and files accepted. Send to WeirdPortal at

Please know that each issue of Weird Tales — beginning with issue 360 — will have a theme. This means that HALF of each issue will be devoted to strange and innovative takes on that theme. This also means that HALF of each issue will be devoted to the unclassifiable and eclectic tales that have always been the soul of Weird Tales.


A limited amount of nonfiction will be considered for publication. Query first. Send to WeirdPortal at


Submissions should be double-spaced with indented paragraphs with no extra space inserted between paragraphs.

Do not underline material to be highlighted. Use italics…and do remember to italicize the titles of books and periodicals.

The most preferable format for submissions is .rtf, but Word .doc is also acceptable, as is WordPerfect’s .wpd. Please do not submit stories in .docx or .pdf.

Each submission should include a cover page with your name, contact information, word count, whether your submission is for an announced theme issue or a general issue, a brief (two to four sentences is fine) synopsis of your story, and a short bio.